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Notorious Gambling Frog
Standard Poker Size Playing Cards

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The Notorious gambling frog is a standard deck with redesigned standard court cards. It is designed to look classic with a touch of art nouveau style on the back design. The deck features high readability with its 4-corner-index, which is great for playing card games and for card tricks.


  • Cards Printed by WJPCC

  • 56 cards poker size

  • Redesigned Standard Court Cards

  • Classic look / Standard faces

  • Indices on the 4 corners

  • 3 Frogs as 3 Jokers

  • gaff card: 17 of spades

  • Tuckbox with embossing and custom seal

  • Decks Wrapped in Cellophane

Photoshooting by Richard Arturo

(Orange variant coming in Summer 2022)

Notorious Gambling Frog-1.jpg
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