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Shipping Policies


Items shipped from Texas (USA), fulfillment by Gamblers Warehouse.
Handling might take up to 3 business days.
Under Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas it might take longer to dispatch the package. In addition, transit time becomes longer.


The customer will get a notification via email including the tracking number and be able to trace the package first on and then on the postal service website of the destination country.
Depending on the size and weight of the package, the fulfillment center might decide to ship with FedEx or UPS.

Transit times according to USPS/FedEx/UPS, usually 3-7 days depending on destination.


The customer will get a notification via email including the tracking number and be able to trace the package. It might take 4-5 days before the tracking number gets active.
Once the label is created and you get the tracking number via email, the status shows "This Tracking Number could not be displayed:" for a few days. This means that the package is on its way to the international hub. When the label is scanned, the tracking number gets active and visible in the system.
International order tracking page: click here

It is possible to order only if the tracking number works from origin all the way to destination. The following countries are served.

EU, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Gibraltar, Switzerland, Türkiye, San Marino, Isle of Man, Serbia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, Brazil, Réunion, Israel, Thailand, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, South Korea, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, China (30 of 31 provinces).

Russia and Ukraine: service suspended since February 2022

International shipping can take up to 4 weeks depending by the country of destination and by the local postal service. Usually it takes 10-15 days.


On July 1st 2021 EU introduced a new system called IOSS (Import One Stop Shop). 
When you purchase items at Stockholm17 online store the VAT is included. The VAT amount is paid and declared by Stockholm17 to your country. 
Even if the EU introduced this system in July 2021, the customs of all EU countries took very long time to change their procedure of sorting parcels with these properties.
The parcel is shipped from Texas with a special code (IOSS code) that is digitally transmitted by Asendia to the postal customs of your country. The customs are not allowed to charge VAT to the receiver of the parcels for orders under €150 (shipping included).

Stockholm17 is currently and correctly registered as IOSS shipper. The IOSS code is correctly transmitted by the fulfillment center to Asendia, which digitally transmits this code together with the tracking number and all the shipping information to the postal customs of your country.
It is possible that the postal customs inspects the package as standard procedure.
You can read more about IOSS at the European Commission website.


Stockholm17 uses tracked deliveries only, to ensure that packages are not lost by the courier companies and that the clients can track their packages from start to finish.
Stockholm17 does not control or have any influence on the shipping timelines and operational procedures deployed by these companies.
In light of the above, the clients understand and undertake that Stockholm17 cannot be held accountable for lost, stolen, undelivered or incorrectly delivered packages once the order has left our warehouse and a tracking number has been assigned to the package.
If your package is lost, stolen, or not delivered or you are facing trouble tracking down a shipment, you’ll need to contact your local post office and/or parcel carrier for assistance. Please note it is their responsibility to deliver your package once we hand it over to them and subsequently your responsibility to hold them accountable for your loss.
Stockholm17 shall not be liable for refunds or replacements if an item is lost or stolen after package is marked as delivered.
In the event an order is shipped and subsequently reported to be "delivered" by the Mailing Company but the customer does not receive the order, believing it to be held by customs, misplaced, lost or stolen, then the Customer must take up the matter with the Mailing Company or Local Custom/Post Offices ( for international orders) and inquiring as to why they did not receive their order. For stolen items/packages again Stockholm17 cannot be held accountable and a claim with the local police department should be lodged.


In case of theft, please contact the local authorities and your insurance. The online store responsibility ends when a parcel is marked as delivered.
To ensure such scenarios do not take place Stockholm17 uses only "Tracked Delivery" for all orders therefore the matter along with any claims must be taken up with the local post office and/or parcel carrier and not with us.


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