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Notorious Gambling Frog - RPC 7th Anniversary (2023)

Notorious Gambling Frog - RPC 7th Anniversary (2023)

The third variant, conceived and crafted in 2023, marked the final addition to the esteemed series of the Notorious Gambling Frogs. In this iteration, every joker takes center stage with its unique variant. The inception of this project was attributed to Rare Playing Cards, who sought to commemorate their 7th anniversary with an exclusive 3rd variant that exuded opulence. This proposition captivated me, as I had long harbored the notion that a 3rd variant was missing from the collection. 

Our consensus yielded a sophisticated black and gold version, a timeless combination that bestowed an elegant allure upon the deck. The ‘Golden Frog’ edition materialized with exclusive materials, featuring black paper, gold foil, black foil, and areas adorned with blind embossing. Notably, this combination drew inspiration from previous projects, namely Heretic Noctis and the House of the Rising Spade Cartomancer. Moreover, I introduced a notable design element—a conspicuous cutout revealing a big portion the first card of the deck. In a deviation from the customary ‘Ace of Spades’ reveal, this opening showcased a commemorative card.

The face cards underwent a color transformation: The vibrant coral red that defined the first two variants was replaced with a rich crimson red, while the dark green became a rich black. The back design received embellishments in the form of gold foil accents adorning select areas, notably enhancing the dragonflies’ wings and other strategic areas.

In addition to the standard release, an exclusive gilded variant limited to 700 units was ordered for dedicated Stockholm17 Patrons. This unique edition features a numbered seal with  signature, further solidifying its exclusivity.

A captivating surprise element lies concealed within the tuckbox—an engaging short tale. This can be easily seen through the cutout upon removing the cards from the tuck.

A total of 3000 units manufactured by WJPC, PRC
Available at Rare Playing Cards
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