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17th Kingdom | Avant Garde (2023)

17th Kingdom | Avant Garde (2023)

For The 17th Kingdom Avant Garde, I collaborated with Boschiero&Newton, the manufacturers of the final and improved version of the foldbox. The process involved creating numerous mock-ups as I explored a less risky closure system.

After extensive testing, I submitted the design to Boschiero&Newton, who conducted additional tests using professional machines and approved the design. The color scheme was changed, and a thicker cardboard was chosen to better support the cards and prevent creasing.

Some alterations were made to the graphics, particularly the back design, which featured the same entwined snakes from a previous test but with new colors.

The faces of the cards retained their layout and court cards, with the only difference being the darker red color in the Avant Garde version. A third joker, the warrior, was introduced, and the 56th card became the 17th of Diamonds. The edge color of the deck shifted from yellow to red.

Deck Of The Year 2023 at 52+Joker Club
Deck of The Year 2023 at Portfolio52
4000 units
Cards manufactured by WJPC, PRC
Tuckboxes manufactured by Boschiero&Newton, Italy
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