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Ravn III (2018)

Ravn III (2018)


The journey of Ravn III entails more than a mere color change. A makeover was bestowed upon its tuckbox design. Exploring further, though the back design underwent color transformation, my efforts were invested in a concept anchored in the interplay of the sun and moon — two celestial symbols deeply woven into Norse mythology, a thread running seamlessly from the series’ genesis. In the old Norse tongue, “Sol” signifies the sun while “Mani” stands for the moon.

For this particular series, a fresh ambigram was conceived to take the place of its predecessor. Digging into a darker design realm, I chose to incorporate the raven skull—a subtle homage to age-old mystical practices. This skull is set within a familiar piratesque arrangement, where two black raven feathers cross behind it. Clutched within the raven skull’s beak is the ace of spades—a definitive touch.

The Ace of Spades showcases an impossible geometry with a Ravn positioned within, surrounded by an array of wires that form an almost random web-like pattern within the shape. The same stellated dodecahedron that appeared on the Ravn Purple Haze Ace of Spades is now positioned not on the floor but adjacent to a pair of black feathers. A symbol situated above the raven’s head conveys its essence—remember, it’s a she-raven—but we’re not fluent in the language of ravens, so I invite your imagination to interpret.

With Ravn III, we presented an exclusive deal for a custom-designed dual case housing both Sol and Mani decks. Halfway through the campaign, we revealed yet another twist—Ravn Eclipse. Adorned in a dark tuckbox with opulent gold foil, it draws inspiration from the captivating spectacle of a solar eclipse, adding an extra layer of majesty.

Both jokers share the spotlight, side by side. On the left, there’s a somewhat irked black cat, its back arched, perched atop a truncated stellated dodecahedron—a polyhedron like to the one on the Ace of Spades.

As for the other joker card, it features a raven in repose, gesturing toward the cat. This raven finds its perch atop a slightly stellated dodecahedron, one of its sides revealing a hollow interior with the 3 of diamonds as a reveal card.

These three cards delve into a metaphysical realm, subtly infused with a touch of sorcery.

 Funded with Kickstarter in 2018
a total of 9245 decks manufactured by Cartamundi, Belgium
Tuckboxes printed by Oath Playing Cards
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