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Ravn Summer Ale LTD231 (2019)

Ravn Summer Ale LTD231 (2019)

Ravn Summer Ale emerges as a rescue initiative for the 231 “naked” Ravn Sol decks that missed out on their tuckboxes. To commemorate the summer, I opted for a vibrant yellow textured paper, accentuated by a white matte foil, deep embossing, and a numbered seal.

Every so often, items fall victim to underproduction or overproduction, or shipping issues such as lost packages or heavily damaged items.

In this instance, Cartamundi ended up printing an excess of 231 decks, prompting us to salvage these decks from a fate of being shredded.

It was released in the summer 2019.

[photo by Adam Bordeline, UK]

 231 units produced
Tuckbox printed by Oath Playing Cards
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