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Ravn Purple Haze (2017)

Ravn Purple Haze (2017)

Ravn Purple Haze, being the third iteration in the series, led us to the decision of opting for Cartamundi’s Cambric 310g Black Core with 9C2 varnish. This choice prompted us to revamp and re-color just one deck within the series. Yet, it’s crucial to clarify that Ravn Purple Haze is more than just a hastily executed recoloring; it involves a new ace of spades and a reimagined joker.

The tuckbox retained its original design, remaining a part of the inaugural series. While production-wise it’s informally referred to as Ravn II, we felt compelled to christen it with a more captivating name.

The design ethos maintains continuity with the first series, imbued with a metaphysical essence, as evidenced by the Ace of Spades and one of the jokers. 
Drawing inspiration from the initial version, the Ace of Spades showcases a spade-like tree against a pristine white backdrop. A cage-like structure composed of pentagons, the very same pentagons adorning the dodecahedron on the card’s reverse, envelops and safeguards the tree. It culminates with a raven perched on the highest, outstretched bough. Suspended from a thread, the raven cradles a stellated dodecahedron, positioned at the heart of the tree. This symbolically represents the essence of the ace.

Ravn Purple Haze materialized thanks to a concise 15-day Kickstarter campaign. This initiative unveiled additional add-ons and perks for backers, including a custom brick-box, a vibrant neoprene roll-up pad with a purple veneer, stickers, and a mini deck.

Funded with Kickstarter in 2017
3500 decks produced by Cartamundi, Belgium
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