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Solitaire17 - Blue - Gilded LTD700

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Solitaire17 Standard Faces - Gilded edges

This deck is an exact replica of the one featured in the Solitaire17 app. It's distinguished by its luxurious gold foil detailing on the back, adding a touch of elegance. While the face designs are standard, maintaining a classic look familiar to casual players, the overall deck adheres to traditional styles.

What sets this deck apart is its origin story. Initially designed exclusively for the digital realm of the Solitaire17 app, it later transitioned into a physical product. This tangible version, however, is not just a novelty. Limited to a production run of 700 units, it represents a bridge between the digital and physical worlds of gaming. Plans are underway for a future version with improved paper stock to enhance performance, as the current material has room for improvement.

Numbered seal and gilded edges in gold. Created for the Patreon annual reward 2023.

The app:

Solitaire17 for Apple  or Solitaire17 for Android



  • 56 cards
  • standard faces, bold index
  • back design with hot foil application
  • no jokers
  • paper stock: Art Paper white core with linen finish
  • tuckbox with print, embossing and gold foil application
  • Printed by WJPC (700 units)
  • numbered seal
  • gilded edges in gold

Note about the paper stock.
I selected Art Paper for its thickness, ensuring that the hot foil application on the back design doesn't create any impressions on the opposite side. Although the deck is thicker than a standard one, the current paper quality falls short of my expectations.


Important Shipping notes:

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  • Shipping only to countries supporting the tracking number.
  • Handling/packing: 2-4 business days
  • Transit time depending by destination.
  • Customs fees / import fees might be applied depending on the country.
  • EU-friendly, non customs fees applied even if shipped from Texas (VAT paid).
  • Shipping policies here 


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