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The Dude & Herr Ingo (2023-2024)

The Dude & Herr Ingo (2023-2024)

The selection of a penguin for the character was a straightforward and unambiguous decision. This peculiar penguin will present the deck alongside his tailor-made concoction (once again created by Scott Mathew), following the tradition of the other Odd Fellows characters.
The choice of "The Dude" made from a collection of four proposed options: a mentally distressed penguin in love with electroshock therapy, known as “Jolt”; a crazy clown with a straitjacket; a punk; and a laid-back individual with round sunglasses as “The Dude.”

It’s worth clarifying that The Dude, although sharing a name with the character from “The Big Lebowski” movie, is a distinct creation. However, it is partially inspired by that character. Some influence was also drawn from the animated film “Surf’s Up” (2007), celebrated for its thoughtfully crafted portrayal of penguins.

The Kickstarter campaign launched in May 2024 and initially offered two variants: a regular deck titled “The Dude” and a limited edition known as “The Dude - Golden Snowflake Edition.” The deck features gilded edges in a metallic light blue hue and foil application on both the faces and the back. The tuckbox design maintains consistency with the previous Odd Fellows releases, though with some modifications to the variable elements.
In the regular version, the cutouts on the back side allow the warm sunset depicted on the extra card to be visible. This provides a striking contrast between the cold color scheme on the exterior and the warm colors inside.


    Additionally, a mini deck is part of the plan, featuring a non-anthropomorphic Odd Fellow, Herr Ingo the herring, in a can.

    Although Herr Ingo is the key ingredient of The Dude’s diet and concoction, the mini deck focuses on another adventure: instead of ending up in the penguin’s belly, it becomes canned fish of the infamous Surströmming variety from Sweden. This canned rotten fish is a distinctly ODD Swedish delicacy known for its pungent odor. The mini deck’s graphics mimic the packaging of the most popular Swedish brand of Surströmming.

     Funded with Kickstarter in 2024
    Collaboration with Penguin Magic
    Decks manufactured by WJPC, PRC
    Currently in production
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