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Cpt Spindel Webber (2022)

Cpt Spindel Webber (2022)

In 2022, a new addition joined the Odd Fellows family—a pirate spider. This new character brought with it a fresh set of court cards and a concoction straight from the Caribbean.

Chronologically in the design process, our pirate spider hadn’t been developed yet. Initially, my focus was on the court cards, which were deliberately kept separate from the title’s theme. These court cards bear an eccentric resemblance to their standard counterparts, illustrated in the same style as the previous variants. As I delved into sketching, I dared to introduce legs, a rather unusual addition. These improbable poses needed to appear natural, and certain body parts, primarily the limbs, had to function seamlessly within the 2-way design.

The 12 selected characters underwent a process of refinement and enhancement. Several of them maintain a connection to the earlier iterations of the series.

The Jack of Clubs, for instance, is the maker of Lil’ Jakko’s pumpkin head. In the King of Spades’ illustration, he holds a bomb with the mischievous Brass Monkey peeking out from behind his shoulders. The Queen of Diamonds retains her character while continuing to play with the Japanese toy Kendama, dressed in a different fashion.

After finalizing the set of court cards, attention turned to the back design. At that stage, I hadn’t yet determined which character would represent this new deck. I had a few ideas in mind, including a pirate of some sort and an eccentric character with a cubic head. Sketching allowed me to gauge whether I was headed in the right direction and whether the character could be developed in an appealing manner.

During this period, I considered using UV-light sensitive ink on certain areas, working alongside Cartamundi. I was intrigued by this feature, but I questioned its practical use in a card deck. How frequently would someone use a UV torch in everyday situations?

The UV ink application had to meet the factory’s specific requirements. Initially, the idea was to print invisible ink that would react to UV light on top of each symbol, making the tiny illustrations visible only when exposed to UV light. However, UV-sensitive ink only exhibits a fluorescent effect when printed on a white surface. To accommodate this feature, a new set of 219 tiny white illustrations was created–one for each pip. On top of these, the exact shapes were printed with UV-sensitive ink, aligning them with the position and size of the underlying illustrations.

Furthermore, a specially crafted ‘half brick box’ was created in a limited edition of 500 units, accommodating six decks. Each of these boxes features a progressive number and the signature. An exclusive edition of 600 units was prepared for Stockholm17 patrons, enhancing the decks with edge-printed graphics and an extra card displaying a progressive number and signature, viewable through the tuckbox’s cutouts.


A portion of the production features printed edges in orange with spinderweb and texts. This was for the Patreon annual reward 2022, consisting in a total of 600 decks with this feature and an extra card with number and signature.

 Cards manufactured by Cartamundi, Belgium
Tuckboxes printed by Boschiero&Newton, Italy
A total of 3000 decks produced


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