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N°17 Le Chat Rouge LTD3150 & Red Label LTD143

N°17 Le Chat Rouge LTD3150 & Red Label LTD143


Le Chat Rouge was created with the intention of enhancing the existing collection. While V.01 and V.02 prominently featured white and red tones, I felt that a black variant was missing. However, it is important to note that progress is limitless, unless a boundary is established. Therefore, I deemed it appropriate to conclude this deck with the current version for the time being.

Le Chat Rouge underwent various modifications and refinements, primarily to the court cards, the ace of diamonds, and the Jokers. The back design retained its layout and scrolls from the previous version but now had a borderless, dark backdrop with metallic red  accents, lending the deck a more elegant appearance. 

As an innovator, I enjoy pushing the boundaries of convention. Consequently, “Le Chat Rouge” showcases distinctive design elements. At the time of creation, Expert Playing Card Co. (EPCC) was experimenting with hot-foil stamping on card backs. Intrigued by this concept, I decided to incorporate this technique into the project.

The most arduous aspect of the project was undoubtedly the tuckbox design, as I had to experiment with various prototypes before achieving the desired outcome. The tuckbox featured an understated yet striking combination of black matte foil, metallic red foil, and embossing, culminating in a numbered seal on top. Interestingly, the seal was not meant to be torn as it was unnecessary to access the deck, a decision that was much appreciated by the collectors.

After the fulfillment of the previous crowdfunding campaign, it was my plan to launch another campaign for “Le Chat Rouge.” Upon completion of this project, I intended to pursue a new venture. Four variations of the No.17 series were sufficient, and I therefore opted to release “Le Chat Rouge” as a limited edition with a numbered seal. The final quantity produced was based on the total number of decks ordered by backers. The Kickstarter campaign for this deck launched on October 10th, 2015, and concluded on November 9th of the same year.

As with the previous campaign, the No.17 Le Chat Rouge Red Label Kickstarter project entailed a range of stretch goals, releases, add-ons, perks, and gifts to attract backers.

Le Chat Rouge Red Label was the centerpiece of the campaign, and collectors eagerly awaited its release. The limited edition deck retained a similar production process as its predecessor, the Crown Edition;  this time I incorporated a lasercut wrapping sleeve made of red pearlized paper, between this element and the black tuckbox I applied a piece of golden foil. Each deck was carefully assembled by hand, and was also personally signed and numbered. A total of 143 units were meticulously crafted and shipped to the backers, marking a significant milestone in the success of the Kickstarter campaign.

 Funded with Kickstarter in 2015
3150 manufactured by Expert Playing Card Co.
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