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Black17 (2021)

Black17 (2021)


On numerous occasions, my supporters, backers, and patrons have proffered requests and recommendations. Five years after the release of No.17 Playing Cards, and following recurring appeals, I have decided to produce a new edition of the deck.

Black17 is a modest project, and in terms of design, it does not exhibit significant differences or enhancements. Fundamentally, it constitutes the noir variation of No.17 V.02, featuring design components from Le Chat Rouge, and some additions.

The tuckboxes align side-by-side with the identical layout, distinguished solely by the paper color and other insignificant details. I do not relish swapping hues and reissuing cards without any embellishments, unless such is planned from the start, and the deck is standardized and obtainable at a reasonable price.

In the case of Black17, I had not planned to initiate a Kickstarter campaign for the deck, and instead had simply ordered 1000 units from USPCC, 100 of which had been adorned with red metallic foil gilding. The regular variant of the deck was issued on Stockholm17’s online store on Halloween day. The third joker, depicting a Jack-o’-lantern dressed in the guise of the jester from all the different variations, had somehow sponsored the release. The jester in this pose has been customized for many occasions, including Christmas greetings

 1000 units manufactured by USPC Co.
Tuckboxes printed by Arlington Printing & Playing Card Co. 
100 gilded decks produced for the annual Patreon reward 2021
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