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Requiem Playing Cards

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Requiem Playing Cards "Counterspell" (2022)


This is a special edition of my first deck funded with Kickstarter in 2014. The regular 2014 Requiem went out of stock long ago and it will not be reprinted to honour the promise with kickstarter backers in 2014.

THE CONCEPT:  Casting a counterspell with Magick Sigils (yes, with -ck)

As the Regular Requiem tells the chronicles of a lost love, Black Requiem casts a counterspell using Magick sigils on those cards depicting the feeling (aces and court cards). 

Magick sigils are a way to focus on a will, no black magic or satanism involved.

Basically they work like this:

  • You write on paper a desire/will as it is already happened. Example: you write I AM HAPPY, instead of I WANT TO BE HAPPY.

  • Then you remove all the vowels I A A Y (Y counts as vowel)

  • Now you have the consonants MHPP

  • Duplicates have to be removed, therefore the 3 letter are MHP

  • These can be rotated, stretched, mirrored, overlapped, distorted, and you can create your own sigil as showed in the pictures.

  • you look at the sigil every day and you focus on that. It can be made as a tattoo or another way. It is important that it placed in a spot that is often in your sight.

Example: the sigil made for the Ace of Spades:
The original Ace of spades card was depicting solitude (solitudo in latin).
The magick counterspell sigil is created with the latin word comitas (company), which is the exact opposite of solitude.

Court Cards, Aces and number cards.
All court cards and aces have a magick sigil overprinted with cold foil application on the center (gold for hearts and diamons, silver for clubs and spades). All number cards have "healed" pips; not as the first version of Requiem Playing Cards.


  • 56 poker size cards B9 slimline printed by Cartamundi (Belgium)

  • Gold foil application on the back design

  • Gold and silver foil application on the faces

  • Tuckbox printed by Boschiero&Newton (Italy) with white foil, color print (joker on the front), black foil, embossing, and inner color in deep shiny red. Black paper stock of the darkest available black.

  • Gaff card: 17th of diamonds

  • 56th card: magick sigils meaning

  • XVII Seal in red and black for all decks

  • Wrapped in cellophane

  • Made in the EU

Requiem Playing Cards (2014)


Requiem is a dark deck where bad feelings take their own place on each court and ace. It is a way to release bad energy and transform it into beauty and a high quality printed card deck.

In this deck everything has been redesigned, but at the same time I kept a standard index for easy readability.
The pips (nr. 2 to 10) are quite standard, but the 4 suites have been changed a little bit. Hearts are broken, Clubs have thorns, Diamonds are cracked, Spades are dry leaves.
The 55th card shows what each card means, with latin text on the left and the english translation on the right. The numbers with roman numerals are dates representing specific days.


Requiem is the chronicle of a lost love, started on April 18th (XVIII IV) and ended on June 23rd (XXIII VI) 2013 (MMXIII). 


REQUIEM From Wikipedia:

"A Requiem or Requiem Mass, also known as Mass for the dead (Latin: Missa pro defunctis) or Mass of the dead (Latin: Missa defunctorum), is a Mass celebrated for the repose of the soul or souls of one or more deceased persons, using a particular form of the Roman Missal. It is frequently, but not necessarily, celebrated in the context of a funeral."


  • Designed between August and December 2013

  • Funded on Kickstarter the 10th of February 2014 (769 backers)

  • Printed by USPCC (United States Playing Card Co.) in April 2014

  • Delivered in May and June 2014


  • Poker size

  • 56 cards (52 + 3 jokers +1 index card)

  • Magic finish

  • BEE® stock

  • 5500 deck produced (2750 for each type)

  • 80 uncut sheets produced (50 winter, 30 autumn)

  • Tuck-box with embossing, inside graphics

  • Custom seal

  • Limited Edition

"In art beautiful does not mean the thing depicted,

but the way anything is depicted is done beautifully,

whether is a disturbing thing or a divine thing" 

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