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Madame Laveau - Blue

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Odd Fellow Madame Laveau The Soothsayer


Stockholm17 presents unique addition to the Odd Fellow family: Madame Laveau The Soothsayer. This deck, inspired by the renowned New Orleans Voo-Doo Queen Marie Laveau, integrates her mystical practices into its design. Featuring voodoo, divination, chiromancy, and more, it's a blend of the arcane and the mystical.

Structurally, the deck mirrors a standard poker set, but with a twist: the court cards represent 12 of the 22 major arcana from the tarot, each linked to a zodiac sign and corresponding month, blending the worlds of astrology and tarot.

The deck’s suits are each themed with a unique set of mystical or mysterious symbols:

  • Hearts are adorned with astronomical symbols, representing celestial bodies.
  • Diamonds feature celestial symbols, depicting spirits and angels.
  • Clubs showcase the African Nsibibi pictograms.
  • Spades are decorated with alchemical symbols, adding an esoteric touch to the deck.

There are two small errors to note. The Queen of Hearts mistakenly displays the major arcana number XVII, rather than the correct XVIII. And on the card with the table, Clubs have the African Nsbibi pictograms, not Spades. Therefore Spades have Alchemical symbols.

The following table shows right information



  • 56 cards poker size
  • 100% custom with illustrated court cards, jokers, ace of spades
  • gold foil application on the faces (texts, symbols, and pictograms)
  • gold foil application on the backs
  • gilded in metallic tea green
  • Tuckbox in pearlized blue paper, 2 foils, embossing and debossing, cutouts
  • 3D lens holographic sticker mimicking the crystal ball, with reveal card
  • wrapped in cellophane
  • printed by WJPC

Photos by: Richard Arturo


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  • Shipped from Texas with tracking number.
  • Shipping only to countries supporting the tracking number.
  • Transit time depending on destination.
  • Customs fees / import fees might be applied depending on the country.
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