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Odd Fellows: El Sapo Cubano LTD888 (Last one)

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The odd fellow El Sapo Cubano

Very limited supply, max 1 unit per customer

"Abominable mixture of swampy ales boiled with mud and rotten snails"

The Odd Fellows are a care-free crew, unbothered by the norms of "functioning members of society".  Meet a bunch of supremely odd characters, each with their own blend of cards and art packaged in personality that's almost too much for your eyes to handle.

This project is the first official P52-branded project designed by Stockholm17 Playing Cards, Sweden. 


  • 56 cards, printed by Expert Playing Card Co.
  • Tuckbox with pearlized paper, foils, embossing, cut-outs.
  • 100% custom
  • Custom illustrations: aces, court cards, jokers
  • Giant indices
  • Giant pips, each one with their own tiny illustration
  • Exclusive Kickstarter edition (production leftover)
  • Gilded edges in bronze
  • Cold foil application on the back design
  • Extra Card with number and signature N°xxx of 888 (number assigned randomly)
  • 888 units produced
  • Wrapped in Cellophane


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  • Shipping only to countries supporting the tracking number.
  • Transit time depending by destination.
  • Customs fees / import fees might be applied depending on the country.
  • Customs fees / Import fees are not refundable.
  • Returned/Rejected packages will be refunded, minus shipping cost.
  • Shipping policies here 


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