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Book - The Eye of the Ocean Vol1 with Leather Cover and Astrolabe

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The Eye of the Ocean Vol1 with wrapping leather cover and Astrolabe.

A unique piece, a novel, and a puzzle.

This is the story of The Eye of the Ocean, a novel created and written by Sara Lilley and Mara S. Akram, based on the synopsis of Stockholm17.

  • 524 pages in color (half novel with illustrations, half for the compartment)
  • Language: british english only.
  • Hardcover with foiled graphics
  • Sewn binding (no spine)
  • size 110x175mm
  • Wrapping leather cover with embossed graphics and Astrolabe.
  • Secret deck-size compartment (deck not included)
  • Bookmark with signature included
  • Pen with black feather included
  • 1000 units produced in total as limited edition
  • Purchase limit: one per customer
  • Deck not included

NOTE: This piece is necessary to complete the quest/puzzle together with a Solis and Lunæ deck (LTD or regular). If you have the 2 decks and this book you can try to solve the quest/puzzle. This page gives the instructions and the deadline.

Quest/Puzzle eligibility: solutions accepted only from participants with email address matching the one they pledged with kickstarter, backerkit, or purchased on this online shop.

The Volume II will be written in 2022 and produced in 2023.

Photoshooting by Richard Arturo


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