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Dr Crow LTD300 (2021)

Dr Crow LTD300 (2021)

While designing the Odd Fellows for P52, I produced an exclusive variant for the 2021 patrons, known as “Dr. Crow - Odd Patronium.”  In this version, a plague doctor presents his peculiar alcoholic concoction as a remedy against the Covid-19 virus, with the label reading: “Infamous blend of crushed nails infused into virulent oriental ales.”

The tuckbox’s back side features two circular cutouts that align with the goggles of the mask. These cutouts reveal a unique black card printed with the same green foil, with a progressive number and a signature. The box itself was printed in Italy by Boschiero&Newton, featuring fluorescent acid green foil, white foil, and inner graphics embellished with the same vibrant green foil. The cards were separately printed by MPC. Subsequently, 300 decks were assembled in Italy but not sealed in cellophane.

Dr. Crow’s face cards mirror those of the P52 Odd Fellows but with a few color adjustments. Notably, the “red cards” feature the distinctive acid green, an additional third joker portrays the plague doctor, and the 56th card showcases a variation of the back design.

Thanks to its exclusivity, Dr. Crow stands out as the most wanted character in the entire series.

This is a rare odd fellow, offering his infamous melange of crushed nails infused into virulent oriental ales.

It was delivered inside a custom made wooden display in walnut, together with the gilded Notorious Gambling Frog LTD500, and the Eye of the Ocean Intrepid LTD333.

 Cards manufactured by MPC, HK
Tuckboxes printed by Boschiero&Newton, Italy
Patreon Annual Reward 2021
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