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Quartermaster Edition LTD300 (2021)

Quartermaster Edition LTD300 (2021)

As The Eye of the Ocean project was developing and the story was being penned, I made the decision to produce an exclusive variant in a limited edition of 300 units exclusively for the subscribers of my Patreon account. This unique variant was named the ‘Quartermaster Edition LTD300.’

The process of printing pre-series or prototypes serves several purposes: it enables me to assess areas for potential improvement or refinement, provides a tangible sense of how the deck looks and feels in reality, and serves as the subject of promotional photoshoots in anticipation of the forthcoming Kickstarter campaign.

In one of the joker cards, you can spot the Quartermaster, giving you a sense of the scale of the Triton’s Iris and the Codex. Upon further reflection, Matteo Ardohain and I concurred that both artifacts needed to be larger. In theory, the Iris should require two hands to hold, making it as wide as a vinyl record or a standard dinner plate.

The back design refrains from utilizing foil or colors. Instead, it harkens back to the earlier stages of the design process, featuring intricate black ink design on a parchment-textured background, accentuated by octopus illustrations in each of the four corners.

The tuckbox deviates significantly from the designs of the forthcoming decks, resembling a treasure map rendered in the form of a box. One additional feature that surely delighted our Patreon subscribers was my personal touch—I meticulously signed and numbered each deck with a fountain pen.

Ultimately, the XVII golden sigil was applied, and these decks were delivered to subscribers by the end of 2020.

300 decks manufactured by WJPC, PRC
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