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The Eye of the Ocean - Intrepid (2022)

The Eye of the Ocean - Intrepid (2022)


During production of The Eye of the Ocean, due to the significant delays caused by the ongoing pandemic, I decided to create an additional red variant named “Intrepid” after the ship in the novel.
This variant shares the same illustrations as the 3 main decks (Solis, Lunæ, Astra Polaris). 

For the tuckbox of this deck, I collaborated with a new printer in Italy (Boschiero&Newton) and designed a new tuckbox. It’s important to note that Intrepid wasn’t originally part of the Kickstarter campaign; instead, I crafted it as a special edition for the subscribers of my Patreon page. This exclusive edition (Intrepid LTD333) featured a seal with my signature and a unique number, including edge-printed graphics.

After the campaign fulfillment, the regular edition of Intrepid became available for purchase on the Stockholm17 online store.

Cards printed by Cartamundi, Belgium
Tuckboxes by Boschiero&Newton, Italy
1784 decks produced in total 


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