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Gemini Experimental LTD170 (2016)

Gemini Experimental LTD170 (2016)


The Kickstarter campaign offered an experimental deck as a limited edition, exclusively for collectors looking to pre-order it. The unique feature of this deck lies in the printing process and the choice of paper. I decided to go with a tuckbox printed using letterpress in two colors on thick and exquisite cotton paper. What makes letterpress special is the depth of the impression it leaves on the cotton fibers, providing an enjoyable tactile sensation.

Concealed at the tuck’s bottom, where the flaps interlock, rests a small golden laser-engraved tag with my signature and the progressive number within a limited edition of 170 units. The tuckboxes were printed in a small workshop in Stockholm and assembled individually.

 Funded with Kickstarter in 2016
170 units produced
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