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Carte Doriche 2nd Edition (2020)

Carte Doriche 2nd Edition (2020)

The second version, printed on PVC in 2020 by WJPC, was aimed at making the cards waterproof and sand-resistant for beachside gaming.

In the first edition, the extra card contains a poem in dialect explaining how to prepare a local delicacy—sea slugs from Adriatic sea. In the second edition, the extra card features a dialectical poem by Mr. Marco Petrelli, about the Scopa card game.

Apart from the material used for the cards and the content of the extra cards, there are two main differences between the two versions: the background color is light beige in the first version and white in the second version. Also, the male Page of Wands in the first edition has been replaced by the heroic character Stamira.

 In collaboration with Dadi&Mattoncini, Ancona, Italy
1000 units manufactured by WJPC, PRC
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