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The Parlour Playing Cards


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The Parlour Playing Cards deck are printed by Cartamundi on crushed paper stock using their proprietary B9 true linen finish. Although it is a standard looking deck designed to perform and to play with, the Parlour deck features many improvements, refinements and details:

  • Improved and Customized Court Cards designed to be instantly recognizable yet upon closer inspection reveal unique refinements.

  • Custom Ace of Spades

  • Illustrated Jokers: Sir Fox, proprietor of playing cards and Shakespeare the Cat, street artist and entertainer extraordinaire.

  • Bold Hand Designed Index designed for easy legibility.

  • Gaff card (To be determined by you!)

  • Showcase Ad Card crafted in a vintage look with handmade typography.

  • Ivory Background to the cards (rather than stark white) that gives a subtlety vintage feel.

  • Mnemonica Deck Order out of the box, for Magician's and Mentalists (see uncut sheet layout below).

  • Classic Mirrored Back Design with TGW Monogram Spade, Rhinoceros Beetles and Damask pattern.

  • Golden foiled areas on the back of the black variant.

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